Alberta’s registered difference makers.

For many decades, Alberta’s dietitians have worked with families, communities and other professionals to help Albertans achieve and maintain good health, at all stages of life. In 2002 the College of Dietitians of Alberta was established as the regulatory body for Registered Dietitians, ensuring members meet high standards of competence and ethical practice.

Trusted experts in nutrition and food.

Alberta’s Registered Dietitians play an important role in influencing healthy food and nutrition choices, and protecting the public health. They’re the credible source for nutrition information, founded in science.

Translating science into healthy, practical solutions

By translating the science of nutrition into practical terms, Alberta’s Registered Dietitians enable people to make informed choices about food and lifestyle.

Helping Albertans in a variety of ways

Alberta's Registered Dietitians are involved in many different aspects and stages of our lives, from preventing and treating diabetes, heart disease and digestive issues, to optimizing athletic performance.

Collaborating with the community

Collaboration with clients, caregivers, health professionals and other stakeholders is central to the dietetic practice. Alberta’s Registered Dietitians are all about listening, learning and growing from the daily interactions they have with Albertans.

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All the right ingredients to
listen, learn and lead.

Alberta’s Registered Dietitians possess expert knowledge of current evidence-based food and nutrition research that is accurate and reliable.
Alberta’s Registered Dietitians are always seeking new knowledge and are open to new ideas and new people. They recognize the diverse needs of different groups, respectful of cultural, regional and occupational differences.
Alberta’s Registered Dietitians are trained to apply specialized knowledge to assess individual client needs and develop actionable strategies to realize healthier eating and lifestyle habits. Nutrition assessment is a complex area and effective intervention strategies require extensive expertise and skills that only an RD can provide.
Alberta’s Registered Dietitians are members of a regulated profession that subscribes to standards of practice and competence, providing the assurance of qualified, professional expertise in the public interest.
Alberta’s Registered Dietitians go to university for four-plus years to study the scientific fundamentals of food, their organic makeup, biochemistry, nutrition, food processing, etc. Once they’ve attained their BSc with Dietetics Specialization, students enter a one-year internship before being eligible to receive their RD designation. To maintain their accreditation they must undertake ongoing professional development and continuing competency programs on an annual basis.

Where do dietitians work in Alberta? Everywhere!

  • Health and wellness centres
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Health departments and public health agencies
  • Hospital patient care units
  • Primary care network clinics
  • Home care
  • Sports teams
  • Media relations
  • Food companies
  • Universities
  • Food service establishments in hospitals, restaurants, schools
  • Privately owned practices or clinics
  • Food and nutrition Industry and business
Clinical dietitians
work in hospitals and long term care settings with clients as part of the interprofessional health care team to help treat and manage disease with specific nutrition care plans.
Outpatient dietitians
work in interprofessional team clinics with clients who attend appointments.
Private practice dietitians
run their own consulting businesses.
Administrative dietitians
work in hospital foodservice departments and/or run and manage kitchen staff and foodservice production in schools, nursing homes, restaurants, industrial plants, military bases, and other institutions.
Community dietitians
promote health and prevent disease within their community.
Public health dietitians
advise government on population-wide initiatives to improve the health of all Albertans.
Research dietitians
conduct food and nutrition research in academic and practical work settings to promote current, evidence-based professional practice and service.

Celebrating two decades of professional dietetics governance in Alberta.

2022 marks the 20th anniversary for the College of Dietitians of Alberta (CDA) as the regulatory body for the profession of dietetics in Alberta. Established under the Health Professions Act in 2002, the College regulates the practice of dietetics in the public interest by ensuring that regulated members have the proper education and training to provide professional, competent and ethical services.


Protecting Albertans by regulating the competent practice of Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists.


Excellence in evidence-based food and nutrition practices through innovative leadership, regulation, and collaboration for the health of Albertans.


As the College’s governing body, each council member upholds these six values:

1. Integrity

Supporting the highest standards of excellence, honesty, and ethics in carrying out duties.

2. Supportive

Dedicated to teamwork among Council, committees, and staff and being respectful, civil, and courteous even in the face of conflict or disagreement.

3. Diversity of Thought

Open to new ideas, new models, and new people.

4. Innovative

Proactive, creative, and productive in seeking solutions within available resources.

5. Dedicated

Working steadily, effectively, and efficiently to advance the mission and strategic plan in order to serve the College’s mandate.

6. Impartial

Objective, reasoned, and fair in decision making.

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